The Camp Food Co.
The Camp Food Co.

Great Food For The Great Outdoors

There is nothing better than cooking in the great outdoors, knowing that the food you are cooking is of the highest quality and that it has been produced only minutes away from your little canvas home; gladdens the soul! 
The Camp Food Company know the best local butcher, baker and egg farmer, so we collect your essential ingredients for the perfect campfire meal and deliver them straight to your fireside. 

We want you maximise your time enjoying the beautiful surroundings of The Hideaway@BaxbyManor.

Currently we offer a choice of 'The Rise and Shine' breakfast essentials, 'Veg Delight' breakfast on the lighter side and 'The Fireside Feast' BBQ dinner packs.

We also have some tasty add ons for your FIRESIDE FEAST or even breakfast if you like! *Check the shop page for further details* 
Follow these steps to make sure your supplies are ready for your great outdoor cooking adventure. 

1) Select your pack

2) Choose the date of delivery
3) Decide what bread you would like

4) How many you want 
5) Submit order, tell pitch number and pay

6) Look forward to some great food
​Its all in the detail - to ensure we get your food to you as fresh as possible we do need to forward plan a little. All your food is made to order by our producers and collected from them on the day of delivery (Friday evening) therefore please ensure you order no later than 10pm the tuesday before.
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